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[BK21 세미나] 7/13(수) 류일 교수(The University of Texas at Dallas) "Multiscale modeling of size-dependent plasticity at submicron-length scale 2022-07-13

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▣ 주   제: Multiscale modeling of size-dependent plasticity at submicron-length scale

 연   사: 류일 교수

 소   속: The University of Texas at Dallas

 일   시: 2022. 7. 13.(수) 11:00

 장   소제4공학관 D404호  대면&Oline(Zoom) 동시 진행

                (Zoom 회의 참가: (회의 ID: 936 9977 9985))

 초   청: 강건욱 교수

▣ 초   록

The multiscale modeling has developed to investigate size-dependent plasticity by coupling conventional continuum crystal plasticity finite element (CPFEM) with a discrete defect (DD) modeling. While the detailed defect microstructure and short-range interaction is handled by DD framework, the long-range elastic interactions with image stress field are calculated by CPFEM (using commercial package (ABAQUS) with user-subroutine), accounting for complex boundary conditions. The proposed model could account for complex multi-physical phenomena, which would play an important role in obtaining a fundamental understanding of deformation mechanism at small scale. Applications of developed concurrent coupled model includes dislocation nucleation at a crack tip, nanoindentation, hydrogen embrittlement at submicron length scale. The developed model will shed light on fundamental investigation of “defect-controlled” mechanical behaviors in crystalline materials, such as plasticity and damage and fracture