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Materials Science & Engineering
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    The foundation of material and base of all business related to forward-looking study.

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    Educating creative material engineering talents with specialized knowledge.

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    Efficiently cope with the new technology and knowledge industrial society of the 21st century.

The development of human civilization has been influenced by the development and utilization of materials and materials.

New materials engineering is not only an independent field that researches and develops core materials in the 21st century industrial field that seeks to improve the quality of life,
but also includes chemical/physics, electricity/electronics, chemical engineering/life, computer/environmental systems, architecture/civil, etc.
It is of great importance as a field in which science and technology are fused and concretely realized by academically linking with other fields of science and engineering. New materials engineering understands the physical, chemical, electromagnetic, and biological properties of materials expressed by the composition of materials and the pico-nano-micro-macro structure by the composition, functionalizes them, and fuses them to develop and apply useful devices and systems. Therefore, it is a field that requires extensive and complex science and engineering knowledge.

New materials engineers can develop useful products by combining the properties of each material as well as understanding the properties of materials because the development of materials,
which is the basis of the industry as a whole, requires maximization of the physical and chemical properties inherent in the materials.
It is necessary to have the design capability and process technology capability to commercialize the developed material.